Get current page url in WordPress

Getting current page URL in WordPress isn’t that easy for starters. Most of the people use $_SERVER variable to get URL. I tried following one to get current URL to redirect it after login or logout.

$current_page_url = $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] . $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"];

The problem with this code was that it wasn’t giving me queried object information on author.php template, so I was not able to get page title on required spot. It was happening on all archive templates.

Then I found a post from Konstantin Kovshenin about current page URL, and he gave a solution in a very good way.

$current_page_url = add_query_arg( $wp->query_string, '', home_url( $wp->request ) );

It solved my problem and it is a way looks more like related to WordPress, and as Konstantin said on his site too, It beats all the approaches $_SERVER need, without identifying whether the host is using SSL, etc. You can add a trailing slash to that with trailingslashit if require, and it looks much cleaner too.

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